Constanza Group LLC is a family owned company devoted to the packaging and distribution of quality affordable food products. We are composed of 5 divisions: Distribution, Packaging, Printing, Logistics, and Cargo Express. Each division serves a different role in bringing our vision to life while providing optimal efficiency to our clients. Our job is to bring the “BEST or NOTHING” to our customers. We are a company with humble beginnings. The founder, Wilfredo Rosado, immigrated to U.S in the early 90’s from a town called Constanza in Dominican Republic and started selling groceries from the trunk of his car. We organically been growing slowly and since 2013 have triple the grocery wholesale distribution and positioned La Constanzera as one of the top Dominican brands in NYC. We are very optimistic to grow into one of the leading companies in providing quality affordable food products to NYC and beyond. Be part of our journey.!

Here at Constanza Group LLC our mission is to provide quality and affordable groceries to our customers while creating a rich work environment composed of a fun and balanced work- life lifestyle to our employees.

Our vision is to grow in to one of top companies proving quality affordable groceries to NYC and beyond while positioning La Constanzera as the top Hispanic food brand in the United States.






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